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Psalm 118:14, "The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation." Curtis currently lives in Rockford, IL with his wife and three children. Curtis works as church and school music director at the Berean Baptist Church. He has been a music educator and director for over 15 years.

FundaMusic Turns Into Mr. Noteman!

We have had a change in brand, and, I think, it is a change for the better. All our efforts will now be put into developing the new Mr. Noteman site. In case you are wondering, Mr. Noteman is the … Continue reading

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Acoustic Acapella Hymn Solo #2 – Be Thou My Vision

What a beautiful song! This one has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it. I recorded this solo in the glassed-in entrance to the main auditorium of the Berean Baptist Church in Rockford, IL. The acoustics of … Continue reading

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Acoustic Acapella Hymn Solo #1 – Amazing Grace

The title pretty much sums up what we have here. In this age of over-processed, over-compressed, digitally manipulated audio, I decided I would like to do one of the things I love best — stand in an acoustically interesting place, … Continue reading

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New Year, New FundaMusic!

2012 is here! I have had so many thoughts about the direction I need to be taking with FundaMusic, it’s hard to determine where to begin. I have already begun taking several steps toward creating incredible content that I trust … Continue reading

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True Education Is “With,” Not “At”

I would contend that people truly learn only through experience. A person who has not personally grappled with a subject does not really understand that subject. This concept of personally struggling through the process of learning comes from within the … Continue reading

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What Do Beethoven and Books Have in Common?

I am fascinated by the ability of music to communicate. In my music classroom, I can walk over to a piano, ask the children to guess what I am thinking of as I play the piano, and invariably, within 2 … Continue reading

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A Note by Any Other Name…

It is amazing how much musical information can be conveyed by a single written note. For example, when teaching notes to small children, I like to refer to the fact that most of us have at least 3 names–our first … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Music Games

My previous post was about music manipulatives, what they are, and how I use them to teach musical concepts. You can start using these fun tools for teaching music today in your homeschool. Here is a link to a set … Continue reading

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What Are Music Manipulatives?

In my business, I throw the term “music manipulatives” around a lot. It is a term that is not particularly common; however, it perfectly describes what they are. The dictionary definition of manipulatives is: Any of various objects or materials … Continue reading

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Teaching Music to Preschool Children

Our children’s choir at church recently lost a very good music director. She is getting married this weekend and moving out to California, so I very reluctantly agreed to let her go! The problem is that I do not currently … Continue reading

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