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A Note by Any Other Name…

It is amazing how much musical information can be conveyed by a single written note. For example, when teaching notes to small children, I like to refer to the fact that most of us have at least 3 names–our first … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Music Games

My previous post was about music manipulatives, what they are, and how I use them to teach musical concepts. You can start using these fun tools for teaching music today in your homeschool. Here is a link to a set … Continue reading

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Teaching Music to Preschool Children

Our children’s choir at church recently lost a very good music director. She is getting married this weekend and moving out to California, so I very reluctantly agreed to let her go! The problem is that I do not currently … Continue reading

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Fun Tip for Beginning Piano Students

My children, aged 7, 8 and 9 just began taking formal piano lessons this summer. We had worked with all three of them about 4 years ago on the piano before we had a major move and life change interrupt. … Continue reading

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