Yes, That’s Me

All right, let’s get the “Fun” back into FundaMusic.

To make this website a bit more personal, I took some pictures of myself in my music classroom. I took one of those pictures and put it into the header of this website. Yes, that is really what I look like when I get in front of a group of kindergarteners!

Last night, I was talking to a father of one of my kindergarten students. He stopped me and was asking me about who Mr. Noteman was. His son was so excited about music class, and was telling him all about the antics of Mr. Noteman. The kids all love it when I bring out Mr. Noteman. He is the puppet you see in the picture, that looks like a red eighth note. I use Mr. Noteman to teach the students about the parts of the note. He has a head, a stem and a flag. What the kids really like is that, when I talk about his flag, he starts flying around the room at breakneck speed. You see, the flag makes him go fast!

We have had three classes so far this year in kindergarten, and besides learning two new songs, we have marched around the classroom with a steady beat; we have learned to identify the whole note, half note, quarter note and eighth note by sight (or by feel!); we can echo complex rhythms and match a series of pitches; we have learned how to make sound on a brass instrument; learned about the shofar (a hollowed out ram’s horn that is the precursor to our brass instruments), discussed it’s importance in the Bible, heard one played, and gotten to feel (and smell!) two different sizes of shofar; learned about the bugle, have seen and handled one, and heard reveille and taps; and, overall, just had a grand ole time.

Teaching music is fun!

About Curtis Hollembeak

Psalm 118:14, "The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation." Curtis currently lives in Rockford, IL with his wife and three children. Curtis works as church and school music director at the Berean Baptist Church. He has been a music educator and director for over 15 years.
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