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My wife and I had a nice long chat with some homeschooling friends of ours last night. I was attempting to get a feel for what types of music education materials I should provide for homeschooling parents to give their children a great foundation in music.

They seemed very impressed and excited about the music manipulatives in particular, and thought they would be well-received by children. After hashing out the details of a program that would be attractive to them, we came to the conclusion that a DVD/Internet-based video program would be the best option, consisting of 36 lessons per year, 30 minutes each. An attractive workbook to go along with the videos, a parent/teacher’s guide, as well as the appropriate manipulatives, games and flash cards would round out the program. The program would concentrate mainly on music theory, with bonus units on other topics such as: vocal technique, music instruments, music history, music appreciation, etc. It would be specifically targeted to parents who are non-musical.

OK, so a general outline of goals, starting with Kindergarten would be:

K5 Music Curriculum Goals

  • Identify parts of the notes (head, stem, flag, dot)
  • Identify whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes
  • Identify G-clef (treble clef), F-clef (bass clef)
  • Read and perform rhythms using whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes
  • Sing on pitch mimicking basic notes, scale movement, and intervals
  • Read basic melodies using notes 1-5 of a major scale, using notes that repeat or move stepwise only
  • Accurately draw the basic note shapes
  • Learn to sing at least 15 songs from memory
  • Identify at least 12 instruments by sight and sound
  • Able to express major emotions (happy, sad, angry) musically and physically
  • Utilize several expressive techniques in music – fast & slow, loud & soft, high & low

About Curtis Hollembeak

Psalm 118:14, "The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation." Curtis currently lives in Rockford, IL with his wife and three children. Curtis works as church and school music director at the Berean Baptist Church. He has been a music educator and director for over 15 years.
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