Other Music Programs

Using Music Manipulatives

2011-09-12 08:50:05 admin

Bag 'O BlocksOn doing my research to find out what was being offered in the way of music curriculum, I found some other great resources for teaching music to kids: more music manipulatives!

No discussion about music manipulatives would be complete without making reference to the Fletcher Music Method.

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Homeschool Music Programs

2011-09-10 09:19:36 admin

Music BooksI have done some preliminary research concerning what other types of music education resources are currently available to homeschool families.

It makes for an interesting search. The homeschool market is certainly not saturated with interesting, high quality music education products. The offering of the larger publishers would probably be more suited to large classrooms than to individual homeschool students.

Here is a list of web sites that offer music education resources to home educators:

Music Curriculum

Piano Courses

Violin Courses

Guitar Courses

Other Interesting Sites

My first thought upon perusing the web sites above is that the web sites themselves are fairly arcane, difficult to find, do not come up on a web search for homeschool music curriculum, and are generally non-intuitive. If you are aware of any other homeschool music resources that I have not listed here, I would love to know about them.


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2 Responses to Other Music Programs

  1. I found this website by googling “homeschool music courses”.

    I too spent much of my life in Christian school and church music. I have begun developing a DVD music course for homeschoolers called Music@Home. My first DVD is now available and the second one is in the making. My website address is http://www.jeanstauffer.com.

    I’m enjoying your site!

  2. Julie Loveless says:

    I’ve been looking at “The Piano Course for Christians.” http://www.davidsonsmusic.com/teacyourmus.html
    and “The Mary Jo Moore Course”

    I would be interested in your opinion of these courses. Our son, 7-yrs-old, is really wanting to learn an instrument and can read well. I have the first two levels of piano and piano theory and would also like to learn more. Thanks.

    Julie Loveless

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